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Green Shoots

Posted in economy, environment by Ashley on 2009/05/19

A year ago it seemed we were barreling headlong into a green-tinted future.  Then the economy imploded and “green shoot” became a byword for the struggling economic recovery.

So in today’s budget-crunched and belt-tightened reality, greenshootdoes anyone still care about the environment?  The answer, apparently, is yes.

Between October 2007 and October 2008, when the economy was weakening but green issues were at the fore, more than 684,000 news articles were published on the environment.  Just 154,000 pieces covered the weakening US economy and dawning recession.

As you might expect, a year later the situation is somewhat different.  Between October 2008 and May 2009 coverage of the environment plunged—to 369,000 news items.  But even this reduced press attention still nudged out the economy.  In that same period, only 308,000 articles touched on the recession. 

Apparently, green shoots can still refer to things that grow.


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  1. Liz said, on 2009/05/19 at 09:38

    I also think that as green becomes the new normal, we’ll see fewer and fewer news items about it except for extraordinary news, as with other things we consider a normal part of daily life.

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