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Posted in depression, economy, Pacific Northwest, recession by Ashley on 2009/05/12

Welcome to Accelerated Nation, my baby, brainchild and first foray into serious blogging.  I hope you enjoy what you read and keep coming back for more.

I thought it would be fitting to kick off the blog by asking a central question—how fast is the economy decelerating today?  The answer is quickly.  But as Steven Levitt points out in yesterday’s Freakonomics blog on, this isn’t your grandparents Depression.  In 1933 Americans produced 26% fewer final goods and services than in 1929.  As Levitt points out, that’s equivalent to shuttering the national economy west of the Mississippi River.  That pace of deceleration is an order of magnitude faster than today.

Check out the post—it’s well worth the time.

And if you’re already in penny pinching mode, there’s always Portland