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Weekend Politics: UPA and INC Win 2009 Indian General Election

Posted in Data, elections, India, innovation, policy, politics by Ashley on 2009/05/16

With more than 250 constituencies (out of 543)  either won or leaning United Progressive Alliance (UPA)/Indian National Congress (INC), the Hindu  nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Lai Krishna Advani, has conceded defeat in India’s 2009 general election.  800px-Flag_of_India_svg

The UPA/INC, led by incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, is the first Indian leader since Nehru to win re-election after serving a full, five-year term.

Held in five stages, India’s general election polled an estimated 714 million voters in 28 states and 7 Union territories. The INC has won or is leading in 206 constituencies, a gain of 60 over 2004.  The BJP has won or is leading in 106, down 22 from 2004.

The Indian Lok Sabha is the second-largest parliamentary body in the world, after the UK House of Commons.

Live results can be found here

A bit of trivia: India uses electronic voting machines (EVMs) in nearly every constituency.  The maximum number of candidates the machine can support is 64, and if there are more than 64 candidates a ballot paper is used.  In 1996, in the Tamil Nadu state assembly constituency of Modaurichi, 1033 candidates contested the seat.  The ballot was a booklet.