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A Bold Prediction

Posted in politics by Ashley on 2010/02/23

The 2010 General Election is more than 8 months away – and that’s a lifetime in politics.  But I’ve seen enough.  The Democrats are running scared, and in no particular direction.  They’re scattering like scared animals and that’s a clear sign in my book.

So to kick off the election season, I am going to start with control of Congress and the fate of the leadership.  I’ll do more as we move into summer.elephant_and_donkey1

2010 General Election Results

Senate – 49 Republicans; 49 Democrats; 2 Other (Lieberman & Sanders). Control – DEM (R +8)

– Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will lose his seat

– All other members of the leadership will be re-elected

House – 217 Republicans; 216 Democrats. Control – REP (R +39)

– All members of the leadership will be re-elected

– Joseph Cao (R-LA), who has strongly supported Pres. Obama’s agenda, will lose his seat